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The COVID-19 virus forced most people to distance themselves from each other, businesses were losing customers, classes canceled, people couldn't go to church, couples delayed getting married and families found it hard to mourn their loved ones.

Kingwest films has been around for a very long time and proved we had the solution to solve some of the problems of this forced isolation.

COVID restriction may have been eased and while people can travel, our video streaming is still proving to be a cost efficient alternative to the expense and hassles of travel. 


One thing we offer is a professionally produced, multi-camera coverage of funeral or memorial services starting at $550.00 with a FREE live video stream* from our primary camera on the day.

Post COVID Streaming
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No YouTube, No Facebook, no video recorded on an iPhone. We offer families a private hidden page on our own website with a FREE downloadable, professionally edited package within 24 hours.


We feel it's the answer to families who are grieving for a loved one, a relative, or a friend who can't be there in person.

All this without breaking the rules that dictate the number of people gathered together in one place or for those who are overseas and simply can afford to travel.

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As part of our Funeral & Memorial services, we can also provide professionally produced Photo Tributes, skillfully edited to the client's selected music.