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Yuna - Yuna 2012-C4 CD FLAC 2012-PERFECT gervgay




Information. Lyrics. Mp3 - Audio file. Free for everyone. References Category:South Korean albums Category:Yuna (South Korean singer) albumsThe author of a new book on Venezuela’s current political and economic crisis says his goal is to “wake people up” to the “horrors” taking place in the South American nation. Italian journalist Andrea Gallo wrote “Spillover: The Foreign Policies of the Crisis” with an eye toward seeing it translated into English. In an interview with The Christian Science Monitor, he detailed the book’s main points and its ultimate goal. The problems in Venezuela are more of an “outbreak” or “outcry” and not a “slow-motion coup d'etat,” he said, and the crisis is worse than what it was a decade ago. “Since I wrote the book in Italian, it's not really an international publication,” Mr. Gallo said in an interview at his office in Milan, Italy. “But I was still able to reach an international audience through interviews in the Italian, Spanish and English press. I'm not saying that this book is going to become a best seller but I hope that it’s going to make people realize that there’s a problem. I wanted to make people see what was happening, and the problem is in Venezuela.” After receiving grants from Italian and Venezuelan presses, Mr. Gallo wrote the book in 10 months last year. “I wanted to wake people up and say, look at what is happening in Venezuela,” he said. “How can a country fall into this situation? Why don't the countries that are rich enough to start an economic, political and military intervention to help Venezuela, they don't do anything? Why do they do nothing?” Mr. Gallo also said he sees the situation in Venezuela as a “spillover” from the United States’ economic embargo of Cuba and a destabilization of Venezuela by neighboring governments. He also talked about the use of the United Nations, but said the organization only relies on “verbal condemnation” from its 193 member states, and even they have been hesitant to step in. “The whole thing is really a failure, the whole United Nations, because what is happening





Yuna - Yuna 2012-C4 CD FLAC 2012-PERFECT gervgay

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