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How to brew your own beer

"Without a doubt, people have been drinking beer for 100's of years, the problem these days a pint of beer can be very expensive.

But what if I told you that you could drink the finest quality beer for just a few cents (or pence) a glass?"

This was the premise we used to create one of our most successful programs.


Thirty years ago Kingwest created the Home Brew Video Kit, produced in association with Wander Australia and Southern Home Brewing, it, like a real home brew beer kit, was sold in a can on the supermarket shelves.

Original artwork from the Complete Home Brew Video Kit which was sold in a beer can

Original Can Lable

It was a run-away success in Australia, N.Z. and via mail order in the UK and the US

Now for the first time in three decades, we have pulled the original VHS tapes from the vaults, updated it just a little, and offer it here for your enjoyment.

Not all products shown are still available today, a lot has happened over 30 years, Wander Aust. is no longer around and Southern Home Brewing has also gone, but all the methods used are time-tested and are still valid today.

Enjoy "The Complete Home Brew Video Kit" and have a beer on us.

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