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Over the decades, Kingwest has created a number of food-related programs, everything from multi-award-winning television series to simple "how to..." videos.

This is the page where you can find things that nobody else has.

Each program is FREE, that's right, there is no charge for the programs, however, there is a small transfer cost involved which helps offset the fees we pay for housing the files and transferring them via download to you.

The 'Long Lost' "Floyd on oz" has been fully restored with additional footage that has never been seen before into a new series called 'Floyd On Oz - Special Edition', and is available now in both HD 16 x 9 and original 4 x 3 (also HD) aspect ratios.

In May, perhaps you'd like to explore the culinary delights of South America with our series "The flavours of South America".


Maybe you'd like to try your hand at brewing your own beer with our 'Complete Home Brew Beer Kit - The Video'. also due for release in May.

If you are new to food handling, we can help you there as well. Two programs in the series 'Under the Microscope'.  The first is 'Food Handling' and the second is 'Food Safety Management'. These two programs are produced in Australia for Australian food safety standards and are available now.


Our flat-rate transfer fee is AUD$6.00 per program or episode within a series.   

Reviews for

Floyd on Oz- Special Edition

Nicholas - UK

Steve (Bruce) !,


I just watched the first episode. It is absolutely brilliant. The best Floyd TV I think I have seen. The guy was on fire !


Thank you so much for taking the time to restore these lost episodes. I will cherish them and am sure they will bring a smile to my face during dark times like we are all going through now.

Scott - UK

Really enjoying them thanks Steve, the extra footage you added is truly a delight to watch, you've done a really good job, well done!

Lee - UK

Hi Steve "Call Me Bruce" (I see on credits).

Just to say really enjoyed watching episodes 1 and 2 (and jumped to Ep10 to see missing bits!) on my days off.

Btw. I think the colour levels of MII stunning! 

John -  Malaysia

Hi (Bruce) Steve,


All files successfully downloaded, thanks. I’ve watched the first 2 episodes and what a pleasure! The picture quality is of its time, as you say in the intro, but more than made up for by Floyd’s charm and charisma.


Thanks for all the effort in getting these episodes back together again.

Ten episodes stunningly and painstakingly restored.


Download HD versions, available in 4x3 or 16x9 aspect ratios.

ONLY AUD$6.00 transfer fee per episode.

16x9 Preview

4x3 Preview

Download now and be one of the few to see this long-lost series in many decades.

Coming Soon

'The Flavours Of South America'

A multi-part culinary tour of the South American continent.


From the North to the South, East to the West, we explore both traditional and inspired cooking, visiting the most fascinating stops along the way. 

This highly acclaimed series was a big hit in countries as diverse as Ireland and Japan, the Middle East to Hong Kong.